The Practice

Who We Are

We are Olsen Chiropractic- a team of individuals dedicated to creating possibility for optimal life. We want the community of Southern Idaho to thrive and live the healthiest life available.

What We Do

Here at Olsen Chiropractic, we create a relaxing, optimal environment for patients to heal. We believe that the chiropractic adjustment is a fundamental part of wellness in people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Everyone was born with an innate intelligence that is constantly working towards health. Life, trauma and stress can cause interference, and it is the job of the chiropractor to remove that interference, and let your innate intelligence heal your body and make it thrive the way it was designed to. 

Why Work With Us

We understand that life is busy. But we also understand that your health and wellness should be the top priority in your life. If you can't bend down to play with your kids, can't focus on your work, or can't sleep, life just isn't that fun. We want to help keep you at your optimal potential so that you can do all the things in life that make you, you

Olsen Chiropractic Center

497 Eastland Drive

Twin Falls ID


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